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Server Rules

The basic rule the administration has the right to punish a player or to block the account without prior notice.

If any other rule contradicts to the Basic Rule, then the Basic Rule applies.

  1. Racist, fascist, threatening, abusive and sexually explicit messages in Shout and HeroChat are prohibited.(Penalties: warning 1x, 2x 30kk adena,3x 100kk adena if character missing enough adena then following penalties are applied 2x ChatBan 6h, 3x ChatBan 24h. Player can not choose penalty.)
  2. Announcements what might affect server population are prohibited (example: ;server closing and etc.).
  3. Data about other player’s personal life are forbidden to publish.
  4. Prohibited to blackmail other players.(The maximum penalty** is applicable)
  5. All advertisements not connected to this server and its internal politics are prohibited, without exception.
  6. To sell game values for real money in public is prohibited. (If you do it not in public it is your personal liability)
  7. Prohibited public discussion of penalties applied to one or another player. If you have a claim or any complaints, you can always address to administration.
  8. The use of 3rd party * software is prohibited.
  9. It is forbidden to use bugs in the game. If you notice a mistake, you must notify the administration.
  10. It is prohibited animal (pets) use to bypass restrictions on the map (doors, walls, mountains and etc.)
  11. It is forbidden to pretend Administrators, server owners, GM and their friends, neighbours and etc. Even if you are a friend or neighbours, it does not affect the game and the penalties will be applied without further notice.
  12. The Administration accepts no responsibility for the item disappearance from players or any other losses as account security is the responsibility of the owner with all consequences.
  13. It is forbidden to mimic the other players names. (The maximum penalty** is applicable)
  14. ;Trade chat is fallowed to use only for sales, purchasing and trades. (Penalties: warning 1x, 2x 30kk adena,3x 100kk adena if character missing enough adena then ollowing penalties are applied 2x ChatBan 6h, 3x ChatBan 24h. Player can not choose penalty.)
  15. To report another player as exploiter of error without any evidence (evidence: Screenshot, Video) is prohibited, the report without evidence will be treated as defamation.

* 3rd party software programs what facilitate to game (or change the client) and not approved by the administration, while providing an advantage over other players (Bots, AutoClickers and etc.)
** Maximum penalty BAN (non-refundable account blocking or erase)

Offences for which punishments are not listed have such penalties: warning 1x, 2x ;Jail 24h, 3x ;Jail 4ever (Remember that the basic rule is for all of the above-listed rules and punishments).

Accounts Security:

  1. The main and the only account owner is a person who registered the account in our system. Doesn’t matter who and for how long controls account, the owner can always recover his account by applying to the administration.
  2. Login to account without the permission of the owner is liable for all of your accounts blocking.
  3. Account selling is prohibited. The seller and the buyer are punished to all accounts blocking.


Server Update Information


Dear players!
Server update complete. We present to your attention a list of changes:
* Updated server protection - the modification of the interface and client's u-scripts is prohibited, the addition of certain files to the client's system folder is prohibited, protection against prohibited software is improved.
* a restriction on registration in a fight at the Olympics - 1 computer = 1 registration
* reduced the number of days of the Olympics - now the battles will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 20:00 to 23:59 Moscow time.
* Sharpening scrolls, lifestones and books for the convenience of the players have become stacked. All the scrolls, lifestones and books that were in the inventory of each player before the update, moved to the personal warehouse of each player. For stacking lifestones, sharpening scrolls and books, they must be taken from the warehouse for 1 pc.

To enter the game, it is necessary to delete the system folder of your Interlude client (otherwise you will not be able to enter the game), then update with a new updater or download and install a new patch.

We wish you all a pleasant game!

Coffer Of Shadows Event


Dear players!
After the restart we launched Event Coffer Of Shadows

Omega, a skilled and experienced fighter, has been captured by the leader of an undead legion of warriors. The leader of the undead has demanded a ransom for the return of Omega, and Omegas faithful servant has traveled to the villages of Aden and Elmore to gain support for the return of her master.

Coffer of Shadows

For a fee of 50,000 adena, you can purchase a Coffer of Shadows from Omegas Cat. These mysterious containers can reveal a lot of new masks and hats. The coffer might also reveal a Mystery Potion, Firecrackers, or a Large Firecracker. Extremely lucky adventurers might also find Enchant weapon and armor scrolls (from D to S grade), High Grade and Top Grade life stones and a stage 11 or 12 Soul Crystal inside. Good luck!

End of the event period August 23, 2015 at 23:59

We wish all of you pleasant game and excellent prizes!

Patch Updated


Dear players!
Patch updated. Currently log in the game made only with the old patch. After the restart the server at 1:00 (UTC+3) login will only be possible with the new patch. Therefore, during the restart, without exception, you must download and install the new patch or upgrade through the updater.

We remind you that after 1:00 (UTC+3)  happen global update server protection, and will be able to run the game on Windows 10.

We wish you all a fair and enjoyable game!

Restart server at night 1:00 (UTC+3)


Dear players!
Today in the night from Saturday to Sunday at 1:00 (UTC+3) will restart the server, which will last until 1:30 Moscow time.
Changes after the restart will be the following:
- Will set new protection
- Will be available to run Interlude client on Windows 10

Later in the afternoon will be laid out a new patch. It certainly should install or update the updater. Otherwise, you will not login the game.

We wish you all an enjoyable game!

New Patch


Dear players!
Server patch updated today. Everyone should download and install the new patch or update client with updater, otherwise after the next restart, you can not login into the game. The new patch includes many new accessories that will be in stores at the Black marketeer of mammon after the next restart of the server. Also new patch included following fixes: Avenger hat and carnival diadem now displayed correctly on all races). This update also fixed displaying olympiad points.

We wish you a pleasant game!

Beer Boom Event


Dear players!
At 16:00 Moscow time starts Event "Beer boom" in honor of last February 23 and has not yet arrived on March 8.
Dates of the event period:
Start 05/03/2015 at 16:00 Moscow time
End 19/03/2015 at 16:00 Moscow time
NPCs stand for in the world until 03.20.2015 23:59 Moscow time

Christmas Event


Dear Players!
During this holiday event, monsters will drop an assortment of special holiday items - variety of Christmas Tree pieces.

Christmas Trees

The Santa Trainees can fashion bright and festive Christmas Trees with the right materials. The monsters roaming Aden and Elmore are rumored to have just what they need, including fir tree branches and ornaments. Gather these pieces from the monsters, and give them to one of the Santa Trainees to create your very own small Christmas Tree!

To make a small Christmas Tree, you will need the following materials:

4 Bead Ornaments
4 Star Ornaments
10 Fir Tree Branches
1 Flower Pot
If you give a Santa Trainee 10 small Christmas Trees, he can work his magic to turn them into a spectacular Special Christmas Tree! Those who rest under the branches of a Special Christmas Tree will gain increased health and magic regeneration. Special Christmas Trees can be summoned anywhere, but you will not receive the tree's magical benefits if it is summoned within a peace zone.

Santas Hats

The Santa Trainees are members of a small guild in the Dwarven Village led by a mysterious, yet jolly, Dwarf known only as Santa Claus. The apprentices procured a small collection from the guild's special stock of Santa's Hats, and are giving them out in the villages. They won't give out these special hats to just anyone though; you'll have to prove you've got the holiday spirit! Collect 10 small Christmas Trees and any of the Santa Trainees will exchange them for a bright red Santas Hat! This hat can be worn until February 15, 2015. Also, players who had a Santa's Hat from last year's winter holiday event received a special head accessory, Santa's Antlers, in their Warehouse.

Holiday Blessings

The Santa Trainees in each of the starting villages also give out holiday blessings. These buffs will help you in your hunt for both monsters and presents!

Event Schedule

The event begins on December 22, 2014 at 02:00 AM (GMT+3), and ends on January 8, 2015 at 11:55 PM (GMT+3 ). The Event Managers will remain in the villages until January 14, 2015 at 11:55 PM (GMT+3).

The l2arcana.ru team wishes all of our players a very safe and happy holiday season!

Website for English-speaking Lineage 2 gamers


Dear players! We decided to invite English-speaking gamers in our game server and have created a website in English. Welcome to our server. Hope you will enjoy the game!

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